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BBB Review

I had moved a lot and by the time the *** got my address right and I opened up that letter, I almost threw up. Now here I am leaving a review for a team that far surpassed my expectations of what they could do for me. My case was complicated and spanned over 4 years of tax returns. I wish I could name the team that helped me but I understand the privacy act. THIS team worked very hard to help me with all of it. During the process they made sure I understood what they were doing. Every question I had was answered promptly. They made a process that was almost devastating for me into something manageable. They did everything they could to help me get the best deal possible and they far exceeded my expectations.Can't say enough about how I feel towards this team. I honestly do not remember how I got in touch with them, but I am glad I did and will refer them to any of my family or friends that need help.
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Fred R
I was $14K+ past-due on unpaid taxes with the **** I was getting letters advising me of pending wage garnishments that would have resulted (if paid) not only in bankruptcy but immediate homelessness. I was consumed with worry and angst. I did not know where to turn or what to do. I called other "big names" in the industry and got the impression that I was just a number to them, as they presented me with a "cookie cutter", one-size-fits-all solution. Finally, I reached out in desperation to Anderson Bradshaw. From my first conversation the team at AB were helpful, reassuring and very clear about what they might be able to do to resolve my situation. Throughout the process they communicated with me regarding my case and what was transpiring behind the scenes with the **** Scarcely five months later I received the welcome news that my case was ruled CNC. Anderson Bradshaw put an end to my worries and sleepless nights. If only I had called them sooner! If you have a tax problem that seems insurmountable, I urge you to call the kind, helpful team at BA immediately. Relief and resolution are truly but a phone call away . . .
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Carl R
The team at Anderson Bradshaw surpassed our expatiations. ************************* was very professional during all conversations, providing updates and detail information to help us understand the process and spent as much as needed with us during this stressful situation with the **** And thank you **** for facilitating the most recent call while ******* was on another line. We were truly blessed
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Carole B
From my first call to Anderson Bradshaw, I was so impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, and the respect I was given. ******************************* was outstanding! The results were more than I ever expected. The communication was superior.
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Barbara R
They are GREAT! *********************, *********** and **** constantly communicated with me and resolved my issue timely and professionally! Highly recommend them! Thanks guys, I appreciate you!!
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Robert S
********* helped me through this process it was a tough process.
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Angie D
********* was the best! She was the one that did all the work!! Thank you for all your hard work I'm so appreciative dealing with taxes is stressful and scary you always took the time for my calls and the outcome was amazing I won my case against the *** you deserve a huge raise thanks again ****
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Kris H
*********************** and Anderson Bradshaw did a tremendous job in straightening out my tax situation quickly and at a reasonable price. They kept me in the loop throughout the process and explained in detail every action they were taking. Moreover, they charged me only for work done and explained all charges. If you are looking for a firm that takes the words "fiduciary duty" seriously you can do no better than *********************** at Anderson Bradshaw.
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Jeff B
What a positive experience! Anderson Bradshaw stepped in a resolved a multi-year tax issue with ease! We felt supported and confident every step of the way that this issue (which we could not resolve on our own) would be resolved. If there is ever a need in the future, we will immediately turn to Anderson Bradshaw. Thanks for everything!
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Susan M
What a great firm to work with! I was 4 years back on my taxes and Anderson Bradshaw Straightened it all out. They work quickly and are precise, always treated me with respect and kindness. Their price is right and I look forward to going back to them for all future tax purposes. I was able to refinance my home thanks to them :)Thank You *********** and team!
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Benjamin S
Anderson Bradshaw Tax Consultants saved my life. A friend of me assured me she would handle my taxes while my husband was dying from brain cancer. I gave her the large amount to pay the debt, however she never did. This company took me under their wing and fixed that years taxes as well as getting me back on track with my current taxes. I cant thank them enough. *********************** went over and above to help and assure me everything would be fine! If you ever need any tax assistance ever, call Anderson Bradshaw Tax Consultants!
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Lori L
Very knowledgable and very efficient. *** helped me when ********** taxed me on a year I never worked in the state. He corrected the error with the CA tax franchise board and helped me receive a full refund.
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Tristen S

Yelp Review

5 star ratingAfter being informed that I owed the IRS $330,000, I contacted Anderson Bradshaw, after having read their reviews, and spoke with a wonderful woman by the name of Holly Amy. She was extremely helpful in putting my mind at ease by answering my questions with answers that showed that she knew what she was doing and gave me the peace of mind I needed and lifted the weight off my shoulders, knowing that I made the right choice in whom to go to with my IRS issue.Ms. Amy went far and beyond to make sure that I stayed in the loop in regards to my case and made herself available day and night to answer any questions I had and called and texted throughout the week to let me know where matters stood.They were able to turn my nightmare into a $3,000 OIC dream come true!To anyone with an IRS Tax issue, give Anderson Bradshaw a call. From my personal experience, I could not have found anyone better to help resolve this matter!Thank You!!!
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Matt S. Avatar
Matt S.
5 star ratingTheir rates are reasonable and they have helped me several times in the last few years with crushing tax interested and debts and a wage garnishment. Ted is patient, knowledgable and a man of his word. He has restored my sleepless nights on more than one occasion.
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Heather S. Avatar
Heather S.
5 star ratingI am forever grateful to the the LA office of Anderson Bradshaw for going to bat for me when the IRS was taking part of my social security while I was flooded with hospital bills following my husband's death. They were easy to reach, and always warm and helpful in an extremely stressful time of my life.
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June S. Avatar
June S.
5 star ratingThank you Jeff K at Anderson and Bradshaw for your professionalism and patience guiding me through a very difficult time in my life dealing with the IRS. I finally can sleep stress free because of Anderson Bradshaw and yourself. I already recommended many friends and colleagues to Anderson and Bradshaw for any tax needs. They know to ask for Jeff K. Once again thank you Jeff for all your help , 10 stars for you my friend. Dan P
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Daniel P. Avatar
Daniel P.
5 star ratingThey really helped me out with my tax problem that I had for years I'm glad I found Anderson Bradshaw thank you.
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Aaron H. Avatar
Aaron H.
5 star ratingFirst I would like to say that I am completely at fault for falling so far in my back-taxes. I was w-2 then 11 years ago switched to 1099. Needless to say, I couldnt afford my taxes due. I waited and waited but was never able to catch up. One day I was hit with a bank levy and wage garnishment. I called Anderson Bradshaw Conusltants because enough was enough. They stopped the garnishment within two days. It took longer(of course) to completely fix my tax mess, but they did. Completely honest and worth it. definite recommend!!
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Mike D. Avatar
Mike D.
5 star ratingThanks to the great team of tax professionals at Anderson Bradshaw. I have appreciated their patience with me. I have Degenitive Disc Disease along with spinal cord damage. life became a train wreck. They quickly have worked to get my IRS train back on track.
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Allen G. Avatar
Allen G.
5 star ratingI want to thank you for helping us with this tax return. It was a nightmare for us and without your help, we would have been in great trouble with the IRS. We didn't have anyone who knew what to do. All of the associates from your firm were very kind, caring, and professional. I still can't believe this tax matter is resolved. Thank you for all the work you did in this matter for us. We are appreciative. I still can't believe it. We actually got refunded money.
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Corrine E. Avatar
Corrine E.
5 star ratingThis review has been removed for violating our Terms of Service
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Kelly V. Avatar
Kelly V.
5 star ratingI was a bit nervous at first trusting a company I found online to help me with taxes, but John immediately put me at ease. I owed over $75,000 to the IRS and had a number of missing tax returns and the IRS had already put a wage garnishment on my pay and had just hit my bank account for a sizable chunk of change. Within 24 hours of signing up John put me in touch with an ABC Attorney who got me my money back from the IRS and stopped the wage garnishment. I was kept informed throughout the process and every step was explained to me to make sure I knew what was happening. At the end, I only ended up having to pay the IRS $2,500. I cannot recommend Anderson Bradshaw enough.
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John P. Avatar
John P.
5 star ratingTo anyone whom have tax problems Please save yourself headache & money contactJoshua Kronick he's the best I would say one of the top 3 agent by far. God bless Joshua & thank you !!!
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Kiddo S. Avatar
Kiddo S.
5 star ratingFive Stars is not Enough! Anderson Bradshaw solved my $75k tax debt. I started out owing just a couple of thousands the IRS quadrupled the amount. I tried to resolve it on my own and called the IRS, all they wanted was my financial information, got nowhere but a month later the IRS garnished my paycheck's. I bit the bullet look up a couple of reviews on yelp and the Better Business Bureau, and went with Anderson Bradshaw Tax. Anderson Bradshaw took care of the IRS for me, they had great communication and response time through out the process. its such a relief not having the IRS breathing down my back, and I can get my full refund on my 2018 tax returns.I recommend them to my friends and family if they have tax problems.
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Jessica L. Avatar
Jessica L.

Google Review

The way Anderson Bradshaw helped me take care of my tax situation and concerns. Chris was professional, and timely in his feedback and updates. He was quick to reply and call me back as well. Ted also went above and beyond in helping me manage my stress and anxiety through it all! These guys are amazing and making sure their clients are 100% satisfied is no joke to them! Highly recommend
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Ted England is one of the most thorough tax attorneys I have ever consulted with. His attention to detail is unparalleled and he works very diligently to get the best result. He goes the extra mile when normal CPA’s do not. You can trust him to get the job done properly. He will also communicate with you quickly and make sure that nothing is lost in the shuffle. He will make sure you get every deduction possible, unlike other self purported tax specialists.
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Diana Desai Avatar
Diana Desai
Hands down the best tax consultants you can use! They are professional, fast, and well versed in tax issues. They saved me from a world of trouble with the IRS.
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Victoria Kite Avatar
Victoria Kite
They are GREAT! Ted England, Christopher and Arin were fantastic! They communicated constantly with me making me feel at ease and resolved my issue very professionally I highly recommend them!!
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Robert Sullivan Avatar
Robert Sullivan
Mr. England was fantastic. He help resolve my issue and addressed all concerns and question in a timely manner. I highly recommend Anderson Bradshaw Tax Consultants and especially Ted England
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Benny Ferrante Avatar
Benny Ferrante
Very knowledgable and very efficient. Ted helped me when California taxed me on a year I never worked in the state. He corrected the error with the CA tax franchise board and helped me receive a full refund.
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Tristen Sheffler Avatar
Tristen Sheffler
Very helpful and went the extra mile every time. Anderson Bradshaw took the time to get me through my tax issues thoroughly and explained everything along the way. Ted has been a wonder and so great to deal with. Thanks Anderson Bradshaw and Ted E.!
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Sean Kern Avatar
Sean Kern
Great experience with Marty and the team 👍👍
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J.J. Brown Avatar
J.J. Brown
Amazing work. Helped us with our case which we thought would be a years long process and they resolved I in a matter of months!!
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Maria Elena C Avatar
Maria Elena C
My husband Jason and I have used Anderson Bradshaw several times now. From audits, to late tax filings and excessive late fees and interest charges, Ted's team has been able to handle it all. Ted is very responsive and it's very obvious that he knows what he is doing. We feel very comfortable with handing our tax concerns over to his team and knowing that it will be handled properly and will result in a favorable outcome. Highly recommended.
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Dayna Dabek Avatar
Dayna Dabek
Very Knowledgeable good people. They helped me and my family out of a bind. Anderson Bradshaw were able to correct a serious mistake that the IRS was responsible for. Thanks again guys!!!
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Sedric Dworaczyk Avatar
Sedric Dworaczyk
I am a Trial Lawyer with a decade long tax issue from the interpretation of attorney fees versus the overall recovery. Unfortunately I got sick and Anderson Bradshaw took over my case. Through their knowledge and communication with the IRS Anderson Bradshaw brought clarity to the issue and the issue is resolved satisfactorily. They are communicative, responsive and kept me regularly updated. I will continue to retain them for their professional excellence in the future.
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Guy Geleerd Avatar
Guy Geleerd