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Anderson Bradshaw Tax Consulting, Taxes  Property Tax Consultants, Los Angeles, CA

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At Anderson Bradshaw Tax Consulting, our team of professionals provide all the most essential tax related services. Many of our tax professionals have over 32 years of experience working with taxpayers and knows the ins and outs of how you should best represent yourself to the IRS when you are having back tax problems.

Whether you are facing issues with your business’s finances or personal finances, Anderson Bradshaw has a tax consultant that can help you through your unique situation. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have seen many different tax debt issues and have learned the best ways to handle them based each one of clients’ unique situation. You can feel confident knowing your struggles and difficulties with the IRS can be resolved and corrected quickly and efficiently.

Best of all, our firm serves all 50 states. Regardless of your specific location, you can choose to work with us to get your tax issues resolved. Services we excel in include:

Stopping Wage Garnishment
Removing Bank Levies & Lifting Tax Liens
Ending Penalties and Interest
Tax Negotiations & Settling Tax Debt
Offer in Compromise

If you find yourself in a situation where dealing with the IRS is becoming too stressful or you just want to know what your best options are to resolve your back-tax issues, Anderson Bradshaw Tax Consulting is here to help you.

Anderson Bradshaw’s tax professionals have helped thousands of businesses and individuals just like you resolve their tax issues and/or debt. Call us today at 877-550-3911 for a 30-minute Free Tax Consultation or fill out the form to receive a complimentary Tax Evaluation. Our tax professionals at Anderson Bradshaw Tax Consulting are here to provide you with superior support and will patiently navigate you through the process and help resolve all of your back tax problems.

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What Clients Say

The team has provided tax help to me and my company from an early stage of our development.
Alex Brown, Photographer
The support provided has been excellent, with rapid and accurate processing of our complex issues.
Ortiz Heather, Designer
I’ve been using their tax help for years now. They are really a standout amidst other offices.
Joanne Dean, Writer

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.very year, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audits thousands of American taxpayers and businesses. When that happens, it becomes stressful. If the government determines that money is owed, it will attempt to collect by adding penalties, filing tax liens against property and taking a percentage of wages. Most taxpayers are unprepared to meet such demands, even when if they feel that their mistakes are honest ones
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