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Americans owed $10.2 million in back taxes to the IRS in 2021. Have you received a past due notice from the IRS? Perhaps the IRS has already garnished your wages or seized your bank account. Your tax issues won’t go away on their own, and you could face losing everything you have! Several options for tax debt relief are available to help you get out of a bad tax situation and get on with your life.

Tax Problems are Not Uncommon

Uncertain economic conditions or unexpected circumstances can alter a person’s life. A layoff from a job, a long-term illness, or significant hospital bills from an extensive injury can put a family or individual in a position where they can barely make ends meet. Soon, debt begins to pile up, and when the tax bill comes due, you can’t pay.

Businesses sometimes run into trouble due to internal mismanagement of money, a downturn in business conditions, or the loss of a significant customer base. Soon, creditors and the IRS will be knocking at the door for back amounts owed.

Whether you made a mistake, suffered an unfortunate event, didn’t file your taxes, or disputed the IRS claims, – not paying your taxes can lead to severe consequences. If you’re behind on your taxes and owe money to the IRS, you can still get tax debt relief.

Regardless of how much or complicated your tax problems are, our tax firm can provide you with legal options to resolve your unpaid tax debts. We’ve helped thousands of individuals and businesses stop IRS harassment, reduce amounts owed, and create a repayment plan they can afford. Let Us Resolve Your Tax Problem.

Eliminate Tax Disputes

Many situations can cause a taxpayer to question the accuracy or validity of the IRS claim to monies owed.

Reduction of Amounts and Penalties Owed may be warranted if a proof is provided that the IRS made a miscalculation or some other error.

You can make a case for Innocent Spouse Relief if you can prove you and your spouse are separated or divorced and the tax debt owed belongs to your spouse.

Stop IRS Harassment

After determining the amounts and penalties you owe are valid, a tax professional will likely try to protect you by filing a “Stay of Enforcement.” The Stay is a method to stop the IRS from seizing and liquidating your assets. If the IRS has already taken measures, legal efforts will need to be made immediately to settle your debt to:

When IRS tax collection agents’ efforts and notifications to secure repayment of taxes owed have failed, the IRS will resort to more severe actions. The IRS may put tax liens on your assets and property to prevent you from accessing funds or selling assets. If back taxes remain unpaid, the IRS can seize your assets and property through a Tax Levy and begin liquidation to settle the debt.

Dealing with the IRS can be intimidating, and interpreting the tax codes is complicated. It is in your best interest to work with an experienced tax consultant in order to protect your rights and provide tax debt relief solutions to settle taxes owed quickly.

Payment Plan

The government has many Tax debt relief options for those who can’t pay taxes. Experienced tax professionals will evaluate all available options, see which ones you qualify for, and negotiate directly with the IRS on your behalf.

Partial-Pay Installments

Tax experts understand IRS programs available and the tax laws, so they can negotiate a realistic, affordable, installment payment plan that allows you to settle the taxes you owe over time.

Negotiating an Offer in Compromise

We can negotiate an offer in compromise settlement with the IRS that may allow you to pay much less than the total tax you owe. The IRs sometimes grant tax debt relief based on various facts, such as dire financial circumstances, special situations such as a long-term medical condition, or proof that you do not owe the tax.

Looking for Tax Debt Relief? Contact the Highly Reputable Anderson Bradshaw Tax Today

If you are struggling with tax debt, the professional tax consultants at Anderson Bradshaw can help you through your unique tax situation. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have seen almost every tax issue and have learned the best ways to handle each one accordingly. You can feel confident knowing your struggles and difficulties with the IRS can be resolved and corrected quickly and efficiently at Anderson Bradshaw Tax Consulting. For further information or to schedule a consultation, please contact Anderson Bradshaw Tax Professionals at 877.584.7509 or visit to learn more.

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