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Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief

Negotiating an installment agreement or payment plan is a much better option than non-payment resulting in wage garnishment, tax leins, levies and property seizures. We are here to walk with you through this process and serve as your voice. Working directly with the IRS is difficult.

There are three types of relief from taxes owed on joint returns.

Innocent Spouse Relief

This provides tax relief of additional taxes owed if a spouse or former spouse failed to report income, reported income properly or claimed improper deductions or credits. Call our office for a free consultation today at 877-550-3911.

Separation of Liability Relief

This allocates additional taxes owed between you and your former spouse or current spouse you are legally separated from. This type of relief is appropriate when an item was not reported properly on a joint return. The tax allocated to you is the amount you are responsible for.

Equitable Relief

This may apply if you do not qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief or Separation of Liability Relief. This includes other instances where something was not reported properly on a joint return and is generally attributable to your spouse or former spouse. This may also apply if the amount of tax reported is correct on your joint return but the tax was not paid with the return.

Each type of relief has different conditions. Like all other aspects of the IRS, filing for relief can be a complicated process. The tax consultants at Anderson Bradshaw Tax are here to help you through the process and ensure that you are paying only what you are truly responsible for.

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